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Leading Machine Learning Workshop at Reuters Event

Very excited to share that I'll be leading a workshop at Reuters Pharma 2022. Let me know if you'll be there too! Link

2:20-3:20pm (11 October, 2022) - Interactive Session

WORKSHOP Machine Learning in Practice: How to accelerate commercial operations and refine patient targeting Machine Learning is a nascent technology in Life Sciences. What do ML-shaped problems look like in the commercial context? And more importantly, how can you solve them? This workshop is for commercial leaders and analysts looking to fulfill ML’s potential, specifically within sales and marketing. Technical and non-technical participants alike will gain a software-agnostic introduction to ML, and learn how to augment their use of tools such as Veeva and data sources like IQVIA. In Part I: • Participate in an interactive hands-on workshop – engage in a commercial case study based on a real-life scenario and explore how ML can be deployed to solve it. • Learn how to create a feedback loop from your operations to improve collaboration across teams and ultimately drive market adoption. In Part II: • Hear from a life sciences leader about how they used ML in practice to supercharge their front-line sales efforts • Participate in a Q&A. Stefany Barker, Head of Commercial Pharma Implementation, Palantir Technologies

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