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Tech as a force for good

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Who Am I?

My career has been guided by my belief that technology shapes our society and is a force for good if the technology itself is created by a diverse group of people. My academic background in Economics, Information Systems and Innovation informed this conviction and led me to scholarships for coding and entrepreneurship courses.

I launched my career as an early employee of Medallia, where I became a Program Manager helping household companies such as Generali and Avis Budget use data to improve the customer experience while reducing operational costs and increasing revenue at a global scale. Medallia became a public company in 2019.

Today, with Palantir, the scope of my client's data-powered programs has widened to entire organisations who go on to include and improve their entire industry with our software. In January 2019, I founded a team to help an aircraft manufacturer establish the Palantir-powered platform as the aviation industry's operating system, complete with apps and avid users who benefit from automation as well as augmentation so they can focus on what humans do best: creative problem-solving. From June 2020, I moved to lead a technical team for a Swiss Pharma client where we accelerated drug discovery using historical clinical trials data. From January 2021, we created a new revenue stream for our client by creating an offering for pharmas–our client's competitors– that packaged the products we'd developed so far and added an ecosystem value proposition to pool data into federated machine learning models, for example. Palantir became a public company in October 2020.

To live by being the change I wish to see in the world, I co-founded TechFace in 2018, community recruiter, and founded Girls in Tech - Switzerland in 2016, tech event organiser. I now serve on the board of both organisations that aim to close the Swiss tech talent gap while improving gender diversity in the sector. I also serve on the board of BlueArk, my local energy company, to advise the Director of Digital Transformation and serve on the jury for their annual startup funding competition.

Last but not least, to make websites accessible to even the smallest businesses, I created WaaS Websites in 2016: a better website service, for less.

Find out more about my work below.

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Data Augmentation | Team Leader

More than a decade ago, we set out to create products that would transform the way organizations use their data. Today, our products are deployed at the most critical government, commercial, and non-profit institutions in the world to solve problems we hadn’t even dreamed of back then.


WaaS Websites

Websites, differently | Founder

Today, websites are prohibitively expensive for small businesses. Plus, you're left feeling alone and handicapped with a website you don't know how to update. You have unpredictable, often high, costs of maintenance and have to keep track of at least 4 separate recurring bills. You feel trapped, confused and robbed. WaaS Websites puts an end to this: it's a better service, for less.

Marketing team meeting


Community Recruitment | Board Member & Co-Founder

Recruiting needs to evolve the way retail has: towards long term relationships instead of transactions. That is, companies needs to build relationships with candidates based on a culture match long before there's a specific role for that person. TechFace helps companies like Deloitte, Fossil and Swisscome meet women in tech candidates this way.

stefany barker

Girls in Tech - Switzerland

Tech Events | Board Member & Chapter Founder

Our mission is to increase women's participation rate in tech. To this end, we organise expert panels, mentoring events and coding courses as well as manage a database of expert female speakers and female tech tech talent to inspire our 5000+ member base. Our sponsors include Cisco, Expedia, and Uber.

Image de Anastasia Taioglou


Energy & Water | Board Member

BlueArk hold a philosophy of innovation and support to entrepreneurs.


Mentor Mornings Verbier

Connecting local entrepreneurs | Co-Founder (Volunteer)

Mentor Mornings Verbier is a series of events designed to support economic prosperity and evolution for the Bagnes commune by connecting the wealth of experience and youthful energy the Verbier business community has to offer.

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