• Stefany Barker

How to build a team: motivation

How did I build a team? How did I do this? How did a group of individuals who don't even live in the same city get this far?

These were my exact thoughts as I peeked out my kitchen window onto the garden where five inspiring, determined and generous women sit enjoying rosé and a barbecue as part of our first annual team retreat. This team is a team of volunteers who share a desire to educate, empower and connect women in Switzerland who share an interest in tech or career advancement.

I'd like to share with you my thoughts on what has made it work. Starting with the #1 reason why our team works the way it does.

Know their big picture

Make sure each team member knows how their volunteer work will serve their "big picture". Ask "how is joining are team going to help you?" This is important as volunteers, especially, because when the going gets tough you will want to know why you're putting time and effort into it.

Given that big picture and the goals of each individual, we divide up the work differently to match what the person wants to learn about or do.

That's the secret to motivating a team. Get curious about their dreams and be part of the solution.

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